I am Loki of Asgard, god of mischief and fire, trickster of the Aesir and Jotunn.

I am like fire, friend and foe in one.

{Indie RP account for Loki (mythology and Marvel}

Marvel: Pre-Avengers

Mythology: post being banished for corrupting Höðr to kill Baldr



           “You have nothing better than do than to torment me like this?”

      “A just question. One I believe you know the answer to.”



            “Loki, enough. You have tried what little there is left of my patience.”

      “Oh, but I simply thrive in your despair, Odinson.”

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"Oh, we are very complicated and there is really never a dull moment as you said." Nike laughed, her countenance losing its usual seriousness. Her pantheon was complicated, but she loved it despite its diversity. She only hoped that someday some of those who never got along would see past their differences and make peace. And that included her and her father; after the Titan war, he never wished to speak to her and disowned her and her siblings.

"Forgive me, but I only know so little of your pantheon, would you tell me more about it, Loki?"

"I can relate to that well enough." His own pantheon had proven to be stressful often enough. The gods were selfish, very much like himself, but somehow still always found a way to turn on him all together. It was as though he had become their one enemy. He was far from being loved among his own kin, aesir or jotun, but the trickster had never thought that thought to be truly opposing anyway.

"Mh, I will attempt to answer any question you might have sufficiently. Or would you like me to simply explain whatever comes to my mind?"

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"I suppose it would be; I do not know anyone who wants to die; mortal or not. The need for existing is quite an enigma for me," she remarked with a soft sigh before turning to him with a smile.

"Would you like to come to my house for tea or coffee?" she asked, finding his company quite enjoyable, and she found it easier to converse at home as she played hostess to a guest.

"Beings cling on to their lives with sometimes impressively high amounts of stubbornness, I agree." The male gave a smirk at that, nodding slightly.

The offer was contemplated mometarily before the god bowed lightly, arms folded behind his back. “I have no deeds to be done other than to enjoy myself. I would gladly provide you company, my lady.”

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I do hold power, more than you could understand, even when I appear like this. I will admit this form isn’t as strong as my previous, but it would still be a challenge for you, God of lies.  I was no mere object, and you know this. You’ve felt my wrath on more than one occasion, by your brother’s hand or not, and you seem to have forgotten this important fact. I do not fear you, nor your ‘fire’.  As I warned you before, know your place or you’ll regret it. I promise.

If you insist on holding such power, why don’t you give my humble self a little demonstration? [moves his arms away from his upper body, giving her a challenging smirk] Amaze me with your fury, hammer, for I will not bow to a tool, no matter what form it has taken on. If you aim to silence my betwixed tongue, I will not stop you from doing so. Prove your worth to me.

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I guess I’m just more of a cat person. *she shrugged slightly* But Thor does have that going for him. The loyalty, that is. *she scrunched up her nose, like she was imagining something* Is it bad if I now want to draw Thor’s clothes on a puppy and put the picture all over HQ?


Felines are more to my own liking, too. They think and corrupt. Dogs, as I said, not quite as smart. [He narrowed his eyes briefly, then smirked] The resemblence might be so uncanny that people would see nothing but Thor himself in that. 

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A soft laugh left Nike’s lips as she heard his remark on mortals playing with fire. “You do have a point, and they are prone to err. But I do not think they are waste of space; they are put here for a reason.”

She sighed, and chuckled, glancing at the floor then at back at him. “Enough talk of mortals, lest we get into an argument, which I do not like at all.”

His head tilted lightly at her response. “I have yet to find a greater reason in them being there than to trouble us gods. Which, with the right lead, might be just as useful as anything else. As useful as the one leading intends it to be.”

A small smirk grazed his face and he bowed his head lightly. “As you wish. As far as my knowledge goes, the greek pantheon is nearly always on the move. I’ve been told that you almost never suffer a dull moment, hm?”

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